Atlantis recently revealed its plans to take their new 40mm Low Velocity Compatible round to the international armed services market. The new LVC round is designed to be compliant to assault rifles configured with under barrel launchers.

“The 40mm LVC Project is a culmination of three and a half years of experimentation and data acquisition, with a solution brought about from a lateral thinking approach to fundamentally change and redirect the commonly accepted limitations associated with extended range ammunition” says Terence Dumont, CEO of the Atlantis Group of Defence Companies.

Late in 2013, Atlantis concluded an internally directed study on chamber pressures in extended range ammunition. The chamber pressure is a major safety concern, as the majority of under barrel launcher barrels are produced from aluminium to limit the system overall mass. These barrels have a specific operating pressure rating that if exceeded, brings overall safety into question.

The Atlantis study covered various aspects of design and adopted a completely new approach with regards to propulsion. By completely redesigning the propulsion system and utilising an Atlantis designed warhead, rounds were successfully fired early in 2014, with results that confirmed the new principles of design. Weapon chamber pressures were measured with two different measurement technologies. The tests yielded pressure results inside the accepted maximum allowable limits of low velocity ammunition of under 14Mpa, which made the new configuration directly compatible to most 40 x 46mm low velocity launchers mounted to assault rifles.

The Atlantis LVC design is undergoing internal testing, qualification and characterisation on several weapon systems. We believe that this LVC round will set a new international standard for extended range ammunition.