Atlantis Manufacturing Engineering

Focused Managed Logistics for the Local and Export Market

The modern AME finishing and shipment warehouse was established in order to streamline and improve supply chain efficiency while managing the production output. AME also houses the research and development production capabilities of the Group.

High Volume Production

Atlantis has partnered with industry specialists to establish specific production centres of excellence, capable of supplying precision manufactured components, on time and in budget. The current production capacity exceeds 175 000 components per month.

Batch Production

AME is able to deliver lower volume component production whether it is required for a niche market or for prototyping prior to full-scale high volume production.

AQL Inspection & Reporting

Our trained inspectors ensure that all manufactured components comply with the stringent quality requirements set by our customers.  

Component Assembly

Components can be finished and partially assembled at AME prior to final client delivery.  

Material Procurement

Our qualified planners can assist in calculating material requirements for all production, obtaining the most superior quality material for the best price. 

Surface Finishing

Knowledgeable experienced staff have a wide network of suppliers to assist in all surface finishing requirements