Atlantis Manufacturing Management Services

High Level Project Facilitation and Engineering Consultancy

Atlantis Manufacturing Management Services (AMMS) is the main holding company for the Atlantis Group of Companies and was established in 1998. The AMMS focus is on Systems Engineering, providing engineering consultancy services and business development over a wide range of engineering disciplines in the commercial and defence arenas. The company often is the lead-in business activity that results in further work and projects which is transferred to one of the Groups specialist companies.

R&D with Full Design Capability

Over the past 5 years, Atlantis has proven its ability to design and develop medium calibre ammunition solutions, as well as innovative weapon concepts. We have worked in consultation with a number of weapon manufacturers to develop new highly innovative ammunition and propulsion technology solutions to satisfy tactical shortcomings identified in currently available ordinance. Although initial research and development within Atlantis was primarily defence-related, many of the programmes resulted in a number of substantial commercial and industrial applications. This has resulted in the group structure expanding to accommodate a diverse capability.  


Within the past three years, Atlantis has appointed a number of engineers specialising in automation and robotics, electronic design and high level programming. We have successfully produced and supplied numerous machines and production systems for both conventional applications, as well as specialised defence applications. These include automated ammunition loading machines and high speed production drilling machines.

Specialist High Volume Production

Due to industry requirements for large volume production capability to service international orders, Atlantis has partnered with industry specialists to establish specific production centres of excellence, capable of supplying quality components, on time and in budget. The current production capacity exceeds 175 000 components per month.

Technology Transfers

Atlantis prides itself on being able to provide complete technology transfer solutions for our customers. Our Consultative services include project management and facilitation to whatever level is required by our customers. We can provide full turnkey solutions from design to final product realisation. In addition we facilitate multiple levels of training, from specialist staff and management to operator level.

Ancillary Equipment supply

In addition to internal activities, Atlantis represents various global companies for certain safety and support equipment.  Over the past 15 years, we have supplied equipment and support services to ARMSCOR, SANDF and numerous international customers.

Current Agency representations include: