It is with regret that ATLANTIS DEFENCE said farewell to Col. R. Haywood JCM.MMM.SSA at the St Margarets church in Constantia.

He served the Atlantis Defence Board as Strategist Consultant.

Uncle Ron was a passionate professional whose infectious enthusiasm affected all he came into contact with, be they Princes, Businessmen or Privates.

Ron partook in every challenge, and lived to achieve forging teamwork and delivering excellence.

From Jeppe High School for boys to establishing the Honda brand in South Africa and leading the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce to finally being invited to be the ARMSCOR Chairman he served to the best of his ability always putting himself last.

During this period he served in the South African Airforce and then the Reserve force at Lt Colonel. Here again his passion led him to be appointed as Honorary Colonel to 44 Squadron when he had logged many hours during both peace and war.

Uncle Ron is greatly missed leaving behind a vortex of success, which is much admired by many people living life and work by the saying “Never leave your wingman”.