Land Force / Ordnance Projects


Second phase of 40mm HV project production delivered


Concluded first phase of HV CKD project and commenced with HV component production.


Developed new Sub Sonic Ammunition Propulsion (SSA) system. The revolutionary concept successfully mitigated excessive chamber pressure and could be applied to a wider range of calibres.


• Awarded contract by Armscor for the supply 120mm M5 Mortar Fuzes
• Concluded contract to upgrade a Semi-Knock Down High Velocity to Complete Knock Down Factory for client in Middle East


Collaboration with Diehl Defence on MV Ammunition development incorporating Atlantis design.
"Diehl and Ripple Effect to jointly market grenade launchers"
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Registration of patent for 40mm ERLV Ammunition Combustion Chamber


Development of 40mm ammunition for internal technology programmes


Extended range 155mm artillery dispersion correction workshop ( 1D course correction fuzing) and development of strategic stakeholder program with local and overseas ordnance companies.
Support local 1 D firing evaluation by Junghans Microtec with export client.
40mm XRGL-40 weapon firing at Radnor Test Range, Wales


Achieve SD Fuze qualification on RHEINMETAL DENELMUNITION Standard HEDP HV Ammunition and DIEHL VA SYSTEMS HEDP IM Ammunition with STANAG Compliance.
Export 40mm components to Junghans Microtec for inclusion in production process.
• Establish local licensed fuze production line and qualify 40mm SD HV Fuze production.
• Supply 40mm SD Fuzes for export evaluation to UK.
• Supply 40mm SD Fuze for export evaluation to JUNGHANS MICROTEC.
• DM111 qualifies as mechanical fuze on Project AGRAP with STK Singapore SRAMS system.
• AMMS supplies 120 mm mortar fuzes for system qualification phase.
• Supply 120mm Fuzes for export progamme to RDM.


Adaptation of 40mm SD Fuze to function on both HE and HEDP Ammunition with local detonic components.
Licensed production award of Direct Action DM111 Series from JUNGHANS Microtec.


Technology transfer of 40mm SD mechanical fuzing and establishment of local production line.
Fuzes produced under contract production at Laingsdale Engineering. "Laingsdale Engineering Manufactures new fuzes"
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Supplied 120mm fuzes to SANDF via ARMSCOR.


Mortar fuze production line qualification on SANDF 120mm LR ammunition fuze for JUNGHANS in Germany.
Licensed production of 40mm self destruct fuze from Junghans Microtec Technologies. Awarded to AMMS.


Mortar fuze qualification on DENEL 81mm LR ammunition fuze for JUNGHANS in Germany.
Special Forces high mobility tactical vehicle technical audit and consortia formation for subsequent power train and suspension system upgrade for undisclosed client prior to release for production.


Proof range technical support services to Junghans for client evaluation of Flick ramming of Fuze for export market.