Retaining your best employees is a challenge for any business, so when an employee achieves such a milestone it needs to be recognised and celebrated.

Study after study has shown that what workers want from their jobs is not more benefits or money – it is more recognition for work well done. People tend to think pay is the biggest motivator, but pay rarely corresponds closely to overall satisfaction.

At Atlantis, we recognise that employees want to be noticed and respected for their contribution at work. This year the management decided to start an Employee Recognition Programme whereby employees with a long-standing service history would be given some recognition for their dedication and commitment in helping to create the successful business that Atlantis is today.

The theme for award programme was gold – the perfect colour to symbolise success, achievement and triumph. The first recipients of the more than 5 years of dedicated service were Lane Groenewald and Marc Blackbeard. Both employees were issued with beautifully designed golden certificates and ¼ Golden Kruger Rands.

Well done Marc and Lane, we hope Atlantis will continue to bear the fruits of your hard work!