Atlantis Specialist Technologies

Research and Development of New Technologies and Projects

With a strong focus on research-based design, AST provides unique turnkey solutions which are managed from feasibility and concept generation, through to system manufacture, installation and commissioning.

Industrial Automation

Design, build and manufacture of bespoke processing systems for improved repeat-ability and quality in production.

Embedded Systems

Design and development of “on-chip” control systems, including user interface design with 8-32bit microcontrollers.

Systems Engineering

System design and development, requirement capture, definition, management and verification, as well as stakeholder management.

Robotics & CN Control

Design and build of multi-dimensional motion systems from CNC machining, to pick-and-place and materials handling.

Project Management

Complete project stage life-cycle management, from feasibility and design through to manufacture, delivery and beneficial use.

Feasibility Studies

Investigation into the viability of engineering projects, estimate preparation, overview planning and report generation.

Embedded System Development

Drawing and development of circuit schematics and Printed Circuit Board artwork layouts. Bill of materials and sourcing for manufacture. Final board prototyping and optimization for mass production.

Development of local sensing and feedback systems using the latest 8-bit and 32-bit micro-controllers; all neatly packaged for an easily deployed solution.

Industrial Design, 3D CAD modelling and subsequent 3D printing of project housings allows for preparation for mass production and checking of form and fit.

Research and Development Areas

Industry 4.0

Current work involves safe and passive integration of the latest consumer and educational technology into the broader field of Industrial and Process Engineering, with a view to advancing the progress of “Smart Factories”.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Identification and integration of the latest embedded devices and systems,with a view to developing new drop-in solutions for plant and device monitoring, via cloud-based data service platforms, using augmented sensors and actuators.

Compliant Robotics

Development of low-cost mechatronic modules, with the goal of lower cost and increased precision. Current research makes use of latest sensor technology to provide awareness and compliance for robotic systems.

Process Monitoring

Use of the latest advancements in embedded systems, consumer electronics and industrial sensors allows for development of new, single-process monitoring devices which are efficient and low cost.



Co-developed with our USA Partner, Sparkfun Electronics, the AST-CAN485 Dev Board possesses an onboard CAN (Control Area Network) and RS485 ports,
enabling quick and easy interfacing to a multitude of industrial devices.


CAN (Controller Area Network) bus is used in all modern vehicles as an electrically resilient, hostless network between numerous subsystems. The CAN485 board comes with an onboard CAN controller and transceiver, giving you low-level access to those subsystems.

Industrial Technology

With the addition of the forthcoming 24V IO shield for the CAN485 board, as well as the two industrial-grade com standards of CAN and RS485, the CAN485 board lends itself to a host of industrial applications with the simplicity of Arduino programmability.


RS485 is a common network standard used in industrial applications, giving very good noise immunity, capable of 1200-meter runs and data rates up to 10Mb/s. The CAN485 board comes with an onboard RS485 transceiver, allowing simple integration into your projects where electrical noise becomes a limiting factor.


With the addition of the forthcoming WiFi shield, the CAN485 board gives you wireless access from anywhere in the world to wired industrial and automotive networks where noise is problematic.