A fun-filled afternoon of escapism at Hint Hunt at the Old Biscuit Mill.

Every business owner knows that a cohesive team is imperative to the success of any project. In today’s times employees are urged to work smarter and not just harder, in an effort to deliver the desired results. Though it definitely contributes in its own way, individual brilliance does not singlehandedly decide the fate of an entire project. Almost always, it is the joint efforts (or the lack thereof) of the whole team that eventually decide the success or failure of a project. As the well-known saying goes “there is no I in team work!”

With this in mind, Atlantis organised a fun-filled afternoon of escapism at Hint Hunt, situated in the heart of the vibrant Old Biscuit Mill – the hangout of South Africa’s most talented, innovative designers, artists, photographers, and connoisseurs of fine taste and décor.

HintHunt® is a new simple and fun live escape game, designed for small groups of 3-5 people. You get 60 minutes to climb a mountain of puzzles and mysteries in a tiny room. The goal is simple yet challenging: GET OUT IN TIME!

Success rate is low with only 40% making it out of the room in the allotted time. Of course the Atlantis has the best and brightest and one of our teams made it out with 1:29 to spare! Better luck next time to the losing team whose 5 min time penalty cost them dearly.